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About Me

I will be using the grounds at Broadoak and also the Barn for studio sessions.  If anyone wants photographs during training sessions please contact me to arrange.

I started the Pop Up Photographer for a few reasons; to bring together my love of dogs and horses, a fascination with the art of photography and my drive to make people happy.


With my photographs turned into wall art those moments can be relived and enjoyed time and time again.


As a horse and dog owner myself I understand the importance of capturing an image that encapsulates the personality of your beloved pet.


With dogs and horses being such a huge part of our lives and our hearts, I know how important it is to make the photoshoot a fun and relaxed experience and consequently choose locations based on this ideal.


What I offer are mini adventure experiences where we go to one of my favourite locations (you will find they are my favourites for a reason!) I like to make use of what the Lake District has to offer, so whether it's the bright bluebell shoots in the Spring, or stunning woodland in the Autumn.


Whilst in the field shooting as a dog photographer I will always adapt my energy and how I am around them according to each individual dog as I fully understand every one is unique, and it is that uniqueness that I aim to capture!


When with shooting as a horse photographer I understand the importance of being calm around them and that horses can be incredibly sensitive to people so will spend the time making sure the horse is used to the shutter sound and me around them so that they are happy throughout the process.

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