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Getting caught on the Hop in Northumberland

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

A few of us went up to Northumberland for a training day for the Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate on Dummies., when we got there it seemed brave to crack on and go straight for the assessment. Apart from Murphy and Gus who were always going to struggle through lack of experience the other dogs had enough knowledge to sail through the assessment and had it been on our training ground, this would have been the case.

Many congratulations to Caroline Wainwright (with both hers dogs) and Ruth Pople who sailed through the assessment, unfortunately Claudia and Rupert (Whoops... is Rupert in bad books, although Rupert is convinced it was handler error...and he may well be of the same opinion as the assessor) , Murphy was never going to be steady or quiet on very rabbity, gamey and windy ground but apart from that he did his job well as I kept him on a lead from the start so was never going pass. Gus made the same mistake as Rupert and ran in on the first exercise so that was that.

Most important thing was we had a fantastic day out, Frank Geraghty of Macgiriaght Gundogs organised a great session for us, it was extremely windy up on top of the Northumberland Moors, it was great fun, a fantastic motivator for those of us who cocked up and massive confidence boost for those that passed and are now heading for working tests. Those of us that we 'not ready' don't fail, you are just 'not ready' got excellent constructive feed back (although Claudia's opinion differs to that Rupert and Frank who may have mentioned that handler should have been 'alert' :) :) and Frank said he would happily take any of our dogs out shooting...

We will certainly be heading up again with another group, now we know first hand what is expected, so anyone interested this is the link to the kennel club document explaining what happens, and Claudia will arrange a training session to ensure we all know what to expect. Please contact us if interested.

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